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Nicholas Patterson Perpetual Fund

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From Year To Year First Name Last Name Attending College
2016 Abbagail Augustyn Niagara University
2017 Abbagail Augustyn Niagara University
2016 Abby Jorgensen SUNY at Buffalo
2017 Abby Jorgensen University at Buffalo
2011 Adam Privitera Erie Community College
2018 Adegboyega Thompson SUNY Stony Brook
2018 2019 Aleyah Yarbrough
2014 Allison Samsel American University
2016 Allison Samsel American University
2017 Allison Samsel American University
2018 Allison Samsel American University
2015 Allyssa McDonald Niagara University
2016 Allyssa McDonald Niagara University
2017 Allyssa McDonald Niagara University
2013 Amy Bradford Ohio State University
2014 Amy Bradford Ohio State University
2015 Anna Gray Alfred University
2016 Anna Gray Alfred University
2017 Anna Gray Alfred University
2018 Anna Gray Alfred University
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