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From Year To Year First Name Last Name Attending College
2015 Anna Gray Alfred University
2016 Anna Gray Alfred University
2017 Anna Gray Alfred University
2018 Anna Gray Alfred University
2014 Allison Samsel American University
2016 Allison Samsel American University
2017 Allison Samsel American University
2018 Allison Samsel American University
2020 2021 Anna Gardner American University
2018 2019 Marybeth Musilli Ave Maria University
2019 2020 Marybeth Musilli Ave Maria University
2021 2022 Christina Musilli Ave Maria University
2015 Reanna Edwards Baldwin Wallace University
2015 Mallory Thompson Baptist Bible College
2019 2020 Isabella Kuhl Boston University
2020 2021 Blake James Brockport, The Collage at
2018 Daneva Moncrieffe Brown University
2020 2021 Daneva Moncrieffe Brown University
2011 Laura Kleman Buffalo State College
2014 Thomas Nowak Buffalo State College
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